PRIIPs KID auto-generated documents

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Automated and lean cloud services - we are in production with PRIIPs KID

This software service generates required information documents that are fully in accordance with new EU laws and regulations: UCITs KIID, PRIIPs KID, Mifid-II* a.o. The different information documents are required by law and are not marketing material, they provide important investment product information to retail investors.

Easy, Complete and Fast

We can onboard your companies within a few days if you have all necessary information readily available.

The work flow is optimised and efficient, only change information once in one single place - no duplication

Our services generate documents in .html and .pdf at high speed (instantly).

Changes to one or more documents: No problem, simply edit the relevant texts, and re-generate the wanted documents, this can take down to 1 minute for the full working process.

The API is auto-scalable to 1 million documents, all documents produced near-instantly.

PRIIPs KID Analytics

We have the analytics for all the PRIIPs KID categories, and our calculation engine and complete document production solution are offered as a cloud-based Software as a Services and APIs.

We provide consulting services for interpretation and understanding of regulatory requirements.

Handling of NAV pricing history: proxy and benchmark pricing histories are automatically concatenated with NAV pricing history: once, simply specify the weights of each proxy/benchmark for each relevant PRIIP and the system thereafter handles the rest.

True 24/7 Services

It is multi client, company/umbrella, fund, subfund, share class, and multi marketing country and multi language.

Edit all static data and control PRIIPs KID contents through the web user interface. Earlier static data and settings are stored and always available.

Automated email alerts are sent when documents must change due to market risk or performance scenario changes.

Standards & Full Audits

Data communications and activities are (optionally) logged.

The system is built on the basis of ISO currency, country, language standards, international web standards (https://www.w3.org/), programming language standards (https://www.ecma-international.org/).

Riskdocuments.com is also RegTech and a member of OpenFunds.org to improve the quality and efficiency in the dissemination of fund information. Our system uses the field definitions and names of OpenFunds.org, a standard among leading financial institutions.

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