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Robotic & one-stop investment product document handling and production


Compliant the new way

Robotic document services

Riskdocuments is a complete and automated end-to-end solution for analytics calculations, managing texts & data, and producing extraordinary high quality regulatory reports for the investment product industry.

We focus on EU legal, regulatory & compliance reporting issues.

Riskdocuments has a range of unique innovative features that no other competitive solution has, for example, the system can tell you via email that new documents have been produced - by the system automatically - due to certain events such as analytical metrics changes.

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Highest Quality. Simply

Intialize process

Law and legal entity is selected: Market price valuation data, specific reporting designs, analytical requirements (e.g. PRIIP category), language translations a.o. are provided in background.

Review texts

Specific investment product information texts e.g. investment objectives and target clients are reviewed.

Review details

Product static data such as currencies, client costs, benchmarks, launch dates, and other product details are reviewed.

Produce documents

Produce one or thousands of regulatory documents with a single button click - or choose an automatic production schedule.

Dive right in. Fast

Choose web application

Easier than ever. Faster than ever. Our web interface, makes it possible to produce high quality outputs.


Choose API cloud services

Let your computer servers talk to our ultra-fast cloud APIs.

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Choose full service

We are your trusted partner and handle the regulatory report generation with your inputs & sign-off.

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Incredible power and capacity


The system is multi law, multi company, multi investment vehicle, multi product, multi design, multi currency, multi language, multi marketing country, multi client and multi distributor.

The cloud infrastructure is scalable to handle millions of API calls and documents, all documents produced near real-time.


Grow your business with us

Thousands of client working hours saved.

Regulatory approvals in many European countries.

Thousands of documents produced.

Documents in 20+ languages.

Legal & analytics support

Be compliant

We offer, in addition to the automated cloud software services, legal & analytics interpretation support that enables your legal entity to become fully compliant in accordance with new and current EU laws and regulations such as:

More features than ever

Company types

Multiple investment vehicles are supported including UCITS, SIF, AIF. Management companies can benefit strongly to handle many legal entities.

Product information

All product types are supported including investment funds, structured products, unit-linked and with-profits life insurance contracts, structured deposits and more.

Special products are accomodated via built-in "virtual" pricing scripts and document text scripts.


The work flow is optimised and efficient, only change information once in one single place - no duplication. Update documents fast via easy-to-use user interface. Data communication and activities are logged for optional audit. Documents are not deleted but versioned.

Highest standards

Climate-friendly infrastructure: We design our software services to use least amount of electricity. More than half our infrastructure scale to near zero energy use when unused. Our cloud providers use green electricity.

The system is built on the basis of ISO currency, country, and language standards; openfunds.org field definitions and names; international web standards (www.w3.org), programming language standards (www.ecma-international.org) among other.

Robo analytics

The system automatically calculates and includes all the complete analytics in reports. If wanted, automated email alerts can be sent when documents have changed and re-produced due to market risk or performance return scenario or other changes.

Valuation data

Market price valuation data, proxy price and benchmark price time series are easily defined in the system user interface and thereafter automatically handled by the system. Pricing indexes based on portfolio weights or more complex rules (price transformations) are hereby defined in the system.


All required diagrams, charts and tables are automatically generated by the system and automatically placed in the documents.


Document design can be customized to your corporate identity and defined down to document level: ISIN code, language and marketing country.

Computer infrastructure

The solution is provided through our cloud but can optionally be delivered through your preferred cloud provider or for in-house (local) installation. Our cloud centers are located in: Frankfurt, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, London and Z├╝rich. Best cloud infrastructure and techniques are utilized.

Speed of production

Our services generate documents (all required formats) at ultra high speed (near real-time). Our cloud APIs are auto-scalable to millions of documents, all documents produced near real-time.

Your data

We provide full access to all your data and data can be downloaded. Static data and language text translations can also be uploaded/downloaded at any time.

In real time

The system is a fully dynamic and near real-time system, meaning that all system settings and data available at any given time is used to generate fully up-to-date regulatory documents.

Your corporate branding

Get started now and we include your corporate identity in the document designs.